Painting pictures

When I lived overseas as a younger girl I resorted to online blogs and chatting with friends for my social interaction. I went back and read my blogs and realized how much you can forget in such a short time. I noticed by reading my old blogs how beautiful words can be and how much of a picture they can draw in your mind. These pages are open canvases to create a drawing for my mind as it ages and I start to slowly forget things that I once found important. I am by no means a writer but hopefully through this blog I will find a little about myself, share a little of my heart and one day be able to look back and say “I remember that time…”

This past week I have had a heart full of anxiety about the idea of graduating, moving across the country alone, finding a job that suits me best, being happy in a foreign area I’ve never seen before. Luckily, I’ve been through this experience before but I had my family with me. This time is different. I began to feel the burden of loneliness and the burden of who will I live with, who will I go on this adventure with. I let go of this anxiety and decided to focus on the present and the steps I have to take to get there. My battery hit 9% on my phone and my best friend texted me who is in Brooklyn and asked me how I was doing. I told her well but exhausted and ready to get this test over with on Monday. She told me I have been on her mind and she has been thinking about what to do after Americore. I asked her what she meant and why she was stressed (considering she has 6 more months). She told me the most beautiful words I think I could have imagined. She told me she really wants to move out to Washington and start this adventure with me. Immediately my eyes teared up, chills took over my body and I am just at a loss for words. One of my best friends growing up wants to start this adventure with me. We have been best friends living with a distance for so many years and we still remain close. This was such an awesome answer to prayers. We are both very ambitious, strong-willed and adventurous single girls so the idea of this adventure together is incredible! If all works out and this is the path for the both of us then how great will it be to look back 50 years from now and tell my kids and grandkids “about that one time in Washington…”

For now I will work hard and diligently as ever to work towards my goals and pray for opportunities to open up and doors to close that aren’t meant to be. A new sense of motivation, confidence, and passion has been ignited. Let the adventures begin.

With all my love,



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