Today has been a thought rendering day all day long. I’ve been awake since 4:15 and my mind is still going; how exhausting. However, I’m so thankful God put this in my direction, in my path for today and especially before the next two weeks cram with endless hours of stress and studies. Even if your life isn’t comparable with school and exams coming up, you can’t deny the constant feel of pressure, deadlines, and hopeless thoughts of where to start. Stick with me, maybe you’ll feel a little lighter after I explain to you where my mind has been today.

Perspective. What an underestimated word. People say “put things in perspective” or “it’s all about your perspective on [it].” but what does that really mean? Do we really let our minds understand the true meaning of perspective? No, we take that response or statement and apply it to our lives as “be thankful for where you’ve made it to, work harder.” This might not be a bad thought process but I wouldn’t say it is necessarily the one that your heart is leaning towards.

We are so engrossed in our society and the “norms” of what we are to be doing with our lives and where we are to be going. I would really like to sit down with the person who started all of that nonsense mindset of things but guess what… we are all to blame. We are born with free will but how many of us often take that free will and see it to it’s potential and how many of us acknowledge our free will but continue to follow the flock headed down a one way street. We are subconsciously followers and as independent as we think we are, we are far from it.

I woke up every morning with a two sided battle that has cursed me for years. There is about 49.99% of me that follows the norms, wants to compete against society to be successful, work hard, do what it takes, and take responsibility for my future. The other 49.99% of me is free willed, carefree, ready to take on a new adventure, ready to turn on a dime and never look back. Why are we faced with this ultimatum? We are faced with the ultimatum because of what society has created for us and because of the “norms” that we let control our lives without us even realizing it.

I have been trying on my own to beat this battle and chose one side or at least lean heavier towards one side so that I have a stronger focus either way. The more I dig myself into the Word and the more I open myself up to not my perspective, but Christ’s perspective I see that there is no battle to be won. This isn’t a battle I have been facing, this is a blessing. Every bit of instinct or challenge that I face every day is a blessing from above that I have to take on with a set of strong perspective goggles.

Everyone has their hard days, their coast days, their good news, their bad news, their dreams, their fears. Why are everyone’s so different? Where do these come from? They come from our perspective of the world around us and our perspective that the the world has given to us. Do you see the two choices there? You can choose to see the world as you see it or let the world tell you how you should see it. I dare you, I urge you to see the world as how YOU see it, not how it wants to be portrayed in its human manipulated and corrupt way. You will find your uttermost happiness if you change your perspective, change your entrance, change your vision.

This world was bogging me down so I got back to my adventurous side and back to my old roots of hiking and being outdoors. My perspective on a mountain top is what I want to see, not what the world tells me to see. If you have to physically find a place that can make you feel that way or offer you that mindset, make time. Time is of the essence and it’s something that you can never get back or redo so make sure that you make the time to find your place, dwell in your special place and make the initiative to change your perspective.

Start a life that is full of purpose and a life that you can find joy in your purpose. Refuse to be what the world has called you to be, or what the world thinks you should be. Find your perspective, your plan, your heart’s calling and go with it. Don’t stop until you make it. If you’re going to work hard your entire life, you my as well work hard towards something that you’re passionate about and not passive about. How do you find that plan or calling? It won’t come in the mail, it won’t come in a week, it won’t slap you in the face. If you pursue it like a romance, pursue that constant calling and be still and let your heart speak to you, you might hear the small whispers. Don’t be afraid to be pursued as well, you never know who or what is calling your heart; don’t deny it.

This is a rough challenge, this is an open-ended challenge but here are some words of wisdom that got me started and guided me and took me by the hand to my passion:

1 Peter 5:7

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, so that He may exalt you at the PROPER time, casting all your care on Him, because He cares for you.

You’re not alone.

With all of my love,



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