Abundant Grace

I don’t mean to be that blogger that blogs every day about everything that happens in my life but today is something I want to look back on and thank God for. I have been STRESSED beyond my max this semester but instead of trying to do it all on my own I have let God in the picture. I have let my stubborn guard down and realized the strength I thought I have only goes so far. I have put my faith stronger in Christ this past semester and He has shown me so many amazing things and so much needed control.

I am taking 6 upper level management classes and a creative inquiry class so 19 hours. I am still working 25-30 hours a week and getting ready for the future and graduating is enough on it’s own. I personally think that since we’re paying so much money for this education we should have a personal assistant because the amount of paper work and “go here and sign this” is out of control. I thought about putting up a flyer to hire someone .. but I don’t even have the time to do that ūüėČ

Oh yes, this semester.. it has been out of control. I have been pushed in so many directions and in so many parts of my life that I didn’t think I could be pushed anymore. God whispers his promises in my ear and holds my hand when I fall down. One class in particular has been just flat out kicking my butt and I feel defeated before I walk in the class every day. Thankfully my professor is my¬†adviser¬†but he is also the dean of the department and all of my other professors fear him. I think he’s the cutest little man and I don’t think he has had someone feel comfortable around him in a long time. I don’t usually have fear of anyone and I like to think I get along with most. I have made him my friend in this process and it was even over a cup of coffee that I made him the second day of school when he came in on my shift before his class. Even though he is a very serious, hard man I have found him smiling a few times and he has actually helped me put material into perspective by relating it to Starbucks.As much as I feel comfortable with my professor and his teaching skills, I am highly uncomfortable with his tests. The last average was a 52 if that tells you anything. As a management major we must have a C in this class. My last test brought me to a D, or so I thought. I have been praying and stressing and crying over this class. All hope lost and already planning on another semester or class in the summer I went to him one more time today. After looking at my grades again and reviewing my scores he realized that I have a C in the class and that if I do well on my final exam I can make a B in the class. Immediately I started crying and I literally jumped in his office with joy, I had the secretaries starring, and I had him a little startled but he cracked a smile. I think I reminded him of why he loves to teach just as much as I reminded myself that God has it all under control. His timing is perfect timing. This was one of my biggest reliefs, everything seems to be falling into place.

I had one more worry on my mind. My brother. My parents called me Tuesday saying that my brother had a cyst on the back of his ear and they took him to a doctor who said it was most likely benign but they would have the results soon. No one wants to get that phone call or even that thought in your head. My heart sank and I almost threw the phone when my mom told me. I had just spent all Saturday with my little brother and felt like I had completely taken advantage of our time together. Right after talking to my professor I called both of my parents with joy and excitement and they told me they were going to see a friend of ours tonight who is a general surgeon about Garrett. After I got off work I had a text message saying “hallelujah he does not have a benign cyst or a cyst, it’s a swollen¬†lymph-node¬†that will reduce over time.” Not only did God show out and answer one of my biggest prayers today or answer two prayers in one week, He answered two prayers in one DAY, in one NIGHT. He is the ultimate healer, the ultimate provider, the ultimate care taker. I’ve been through a lot in my short span of life, seen a lot, experienced a lot and it’s funny how the small things in life or what may comparably seem small is what makes the difference and removes the scales from your eyes. IN CHRIST ALONE.

Don’t be afraid to believe. I once was and now I’m afraid to not believe.

With all my love,



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