Circle of Life


“You may loose the small ones, but win the big ones.”

It’s been a while .. and there’s been a lot going on. Exams are over, Christmas is here, a new year is about to begin. I’ve never been so ready for a new year to begin; a fresh start.

Life is a vicious cycle and if you’re not ready to fight back you can end up loosing out on a lot. The saying “the grass is always greener on the other side,” has never been so true and so wrong at the same time in my eyes. I want something really bad and when I get it, it’s not what I had hoped for. Someone likes you, you don’t like them back and the person you like doesn’t have the same feelings for you either. You wait in anticipation for one thing to change your happiness and it ends up leaving you wanting more or the absolutely opposite. With this mindset and these cravings it absolutely steals our happiness and our joy. I’m one to speak because I’ve always been know as “the one who can’t think about now and only sees the future,” as mama says. I love to think of a life I can create and a life that I strive for. My stubborn mind daily forgets that life changes constantly and nothing ever goes as planned. I’ve learned this lesson to the core over the past year and although it’s been an incredible scary roller-coaster, I’m so thankful I decided to hop on the ride. I’ve made amazing relationships, lost some, adventured new things, got rid of some things, made new goals, accomplished others ..this year was full of learning. I think 2013 holds a bright future for me because mama’s words have finally set in of “live in the moment, cherish where you are, who you’re with and what you have.” There are so many options that lie ahead, so many opportunities that have yet to unravel, so many adventured ready to be barked upon and so many souls and faces I have yet to meet. The slower I take it, the more I enjoy it, the more I learn, the less I get burned. A friend told me the other day “things that come into life fast, often leave fast,” and often you don’t let your mind think like that but you should. Always hold your guard but be willing to let someone or something chip away at that guard to get to your core.

Why are memories so precious to us? Why do we hold on to the good memories more than the bad memories? We don’t soak them in enough as they are happening and once they’re gone we keep replaying them in our mind over and over again until they become our memories. If that wasn’t true, they would just be moments in time. My objective for my life (not just this year) is to really try and grasp the meaning of “seize the moment” and root the reason why my moments have become sweet memories.

Love is a beautiful outlet. Friendships are essential. Family is core. Relationships are development. Passion and pride are igniting. Capture all of these this year, seize the moment, slow your pace down and enjoy the good life.


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