Final Laps

Wow, it’s been almost two months since I posted and it seems like I’ve only missed 2 weeks. It’s really not possible to realize how fast life moves the older you get. Life doesn’t stop for anything and time will pass you by ready or not. Since I posted last I’ve been to NYC, started a new year, began my last semester of college and am preparing for my trip to Seattle. 

I heard a quote a few years back that said “When you’re almost to your goal is when it’s easiest to give up.” That thought never made sense to me because naturally why would you work so hard to give something up? However, I’ve realized the hardest part about reaching your goal is the last bit with the finish line in sight. Some people who run will slow down when they see the finish line and coast on in and some people will pick up the pace and finish the race with all endurance and no excuses. I finally understood this quote once 2013 rolled around. I started to  think that with the finish line in sight I could coast on in and enjoy the ride. Reality quickly jolted my perspective and I’ve never pushed harder or had to find that endurance deeper in me than ever before. I’ve had to make radical choices and mindsets to keep this and I’ll be getting to my finish line with all anticipation of giving it my all and breaking records. 

Four weeks exactly from yesterday marks the day I’ll be landing in Seattle. To everyone but me this is just a trip out to Seattle for spring break, just a fun adventure. To me it’s everything about my future and I am building so much anxiety and anticipation because it will determine a lot of my options. For a few years now I’ve had Seattle on my heart and then it made it’s way to my mind and now it’s making way to my every day and my actions. This is a vision trip for me. Will I like Seattle? Will I like “all of the rain and gloomy weather,” can I handle it? What are the people like? Are the opportunities realistic and attainable? Is this where my heart feels at home? All of these questions are floating around my head and need to be answered. If Seattle isn’t for me then what is the next step? What are the options when I come home? These are all questions that God has answered ahead of me but this is the path that He has given me to find the answers myself. SO ECSTATIC to figure it all out. Day by day. 

Hiking. Coffee. Mountains. Water. New faces? Sign me up, please. 



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